ATS’ AC & DC IGBT propulsion systems are installed on conventional mainline locomotives, genset locomotives, Battery and Hybrid Locomotives,  Maintenance of Way Equipment and third rail/catenary systems.


  • Over 300 systems in service worldwide
  • New construction or modernization of existing propulsion systems
  • AC or DC Traction Systems
  • Compatible with all modern control systems
  • Can be used with existing locomotive traction alternators
  • Single, Dual and Triple Genset systems
  • Compact modular construction
  • Automatic wheel-slip and wheel-slide control

Locomotive Systems

AC Propulsion 

American Traction Systems AC Propulsion Systems for Locomotives have been operating in daily service since 2013.

Features include:

  • Wheel Slip Control algorithm that compensates for wheel wear
  • Operates at or near break down torque of the motor across the entire speed range
  • Rotor temperature compensation algorithm
  • Fully-integrated dead band compensation of the IGBT firing circuit


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DC Propulsion

With a over 25 years of operational experience, the ATS DC propulsion system is a proven solution for modern locomotive operations

Features include:

  • Motor thermal overload protection
  • Adjustable overcurrent protection
  • Automatic wheel slip control
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Dynamic Brake Choppers, Blower and Compressor Controllers, Auxiliary Power Supplies and other propulsion solutions are available from ATS


  • Custom AC motor design and manufacturing
  • Alternator excitation controller
  • Battery chargers and house load inverters 

Streetcars & Light Rail Systems


Systems have been in daily operation since 2002 in New Orleans, Galveston and El Paso and soon to be operating in Boston.

Features include:

  • Solid State control system for a smooth and reliable ride
  • Contactorless Reversing
  • Regenerative braking to nearly zero mph
  • AC or DC propulsion systems are available
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The ATS VFD-Mini DC blower motor replacement is installed on the LA, Baltimore and Miami-Dade Metro systems. Our compressor control system is installed on the NFTA (Buffalo) light rail cars and a major monorail system is using our LVPS and Aux Inverters.

  • AC conversion for legacy DC blower system
  • Custom designed APU’s
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