ATS designs and manufactures IGBT and SCR marine propulsion systems for hybrid passenger vessels, large displacment vessels and more 

Passenger Vessels

Hybrid Passenger Vessels

ATS designed and manufactured the first Hybrid Passenger Vessel Propulsion System in operation in the United States. Three additional US Coast Guard Approved vessels are now servicing Alcatraz and Ellis Islands.

  • AC Propulsion System for Hybrid Diesel-Electric Marine Vessels
  • Offers unprecedented fuel efficiency at any vessel speed
  • Minimized pollution due to highly efficient operation of the diesel engine
  • Propulsion Motors are de-coupled from the Generator system
  • Modular rack construction
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Hybrid Ferry Operational Review

  • Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, CA is only serviced by the Hybrid fleet
  • During the summer holiday season, 5,200 passengers per day are transported to the island, and during the nine month off-season, 2,000 passengers per day make the trip
  • The two Alcatraz ships make twelve round trips each per day, 363 days a year
  • Over 1 million people per year have been utilizing the hybrid ships to visit this national park
  • Reductions of 15% (average) fuel consumption has been measured, resulting in a reduction of NOx emissions and particulate matter
  • 10% lower decibel output than conventional ships
  • Zero diesel fuel consumption, exhaust fumes and reduced vibration during passenger boarding

Large Displacement Vessels

Large Displacment Vessels

ATS has delivered an ABS Certified 6 MW DC propulsion system for the USNS Waters operated by the Military Sealift Command.

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