ATS designs and manufactures inverters for traction, propulsion and general-purpose applications including compressors, blowers, pumps and more.

750kW Module

Locomotive Traction &
Marine Propulsion Inverters

For Induction or PM Motors

  • DC Bus Voltage: up to  1200 VDC
  • Peak Current: 800 A
  • Up to 900kW continuous power available
  • Max Frequency: 200 Hz
  • SiC and conventional IGBT technology
  • Adaptive Torque Control
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Buck Inverter

For 230VAC motors operating from DC bus voltages up to 800VDC

  • Operates AC induction motors from DC line voltage
  • Eliminates high voltage spikes that will damage AC Induction Motors
  • Buck Chopper front end regulates the DC supply voltage to 325VDC
  • Motor thermal overload protection
  • Continuous Current: 70 A
  • 30HP induction motor controller
  • Forced-air cooled
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Hermes Inverter

Hermes Electric Vehicle Traction Inverters

Controls induction or permanent magnet motors

  • DC Bus Voltage: 350 V, 750 V, and 1000 V versions available
  • Peak Current: 450 A and 600 A versions available
  • Power @ Nom. Voltage: 125 – 425 kW versions available
  • Max Frequency: 1000 Hz
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60HP Auxiliary Inverter

DC/AC or AC/AC VFD for AC Induction motors rated up to 60HP.
Suitable for Air Compressors, Bowers, Fans, Pumps, etc.

  • Compact air-cooled IGBT VFD
  • Motor thermal overload protection
  • Input Voltage: 120 – 500VDC or 55 – 265VAC
  • Continuous Current: 150A
  • Power @ Nom. Voltage: 45 kW
  • 2 – 120Hz output (programmable)
  • CANbus control and communications
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Mini VFD

VFD-Mini Inverter

Drop-in replacement for DC motor systems operating off of the third rail or catenary

  • Operates AC induction motors from DC line voltage
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Automatic restart
  • Motor thermal overload protection
  • DC Bus Voltage: 450 – 900V
  • Continuous Current: 9 – 15 A
  • Power @ Nom. Voltage: 2.25 kW
  • Max Frequency: 125 Hz
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EV Controller

BEAR Series Automotive Traction Inverter Systems

A complete EV system in one enclosure!

  • Traction Inverter: Controls induction or permanent magnet motors
  • Auxiliary Inverter: AC power to A/C, radio, lighting, etc.
  • Brake Chopper: Prevents over voltage during inverter regen by chopping voltage into external resistors
  • Liquid and Forced-Air cooling options are available
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