AC/DC Converters

AC/DC Converters

ATS designs and manufactures Diode, IGBT and SCR Rectifiers


3.4 MW     3,400 A Rectifier

High power three phase rectifier suitable for Tier 4 locomotive traction systems. 


  • AC Input Voltage: 278 – 704V AC (typical)
  • Input frequency:  30 – 90Hz
  • Output Voltage:   375 – 950VDC
  • Air-cooled single module design
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450kW 400A Rectifier

This rectifier can be used with any 3 phase generators that produce
0 – 1150V AC at 450A.  For use with a companion or stand alone alternator


  • AC Input Voltage: 0 – 1150V AC
  • DC Output Voltage: 0 – 1500V DC
  • Isolated Power Diodes – uses a single grounded air-cooled heatsink
  • Fused AC connections
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750kW Module

A310 Series – Locomotive & Marine Rectifiers

This module converts  AC voltage from a 480VAC generator to the DC Bus


  • AC Input Voltage: 480VAC  
  • Peak Current: 1500A
  • Continuous Current: 1200A
  • Combination Diode/SCR rectifier
  • Liquid cooled heatsink
  • for genset powered locomotives or ships
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SCR Drives

SCR Drive

SS400 Series – SCR Field Supply Controllers

Regulates the current in the field winding of a separately-excited DC

  • AC Input Voltage: 120 – 240V, 240 – 480V, & 320 – 640V versions available
  • Continuous Current: 50, 100, & 200A versions available
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