Marine Systems

Hybrid Passenger Systems

Hybrid Ship Schematic

The Hornblower Hybrid is the first multi-hulled hybrid passenger vessel operating in the United States.

The ship is propelled by (2) 350HP AC Induction Motors that are coupled directly to the propellers. ATS supplies the inverters controlling these motors, powered from 320VDC Batteries or 480VAC Diesel Generators.


  • 3-level Variable Frequency Drives which accepted either 320VDC from the battery banks or 480VAC output from the generator.
  • The switchover from AC or Battery power is seamless and automatic.
  • The 3-level technology allows for longer cable lengths to the motor due to peak output voltages being 30% less than conventional inverters.
  • Other benefits include reduced motor bearing currents which increases the life of the motor bearings by 4x and a reduction in audible motor noise by 20%