Traction Inverters

Locomotive Traction and Marine Propulsion Inverters

Locomotive Power Converters

The ATS traction and propulsion inverters convert power provided by the common DC bus to AC power of suitable voltage and frequency to achieve the required motor speed for traction or propulsion as requested by the operator.

If the maximum power limit of all the sources is reached, the commands from the operator are modified proportionally so as to remain within the power limit but preserve the ratio of the motor speed.

Suitable for induction or permanent magnet motors.


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  • Over 30 locomotive systems in daily operation
  • Modular rack construction
  • Automatic wheel-slip and wheel-slide control


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  • The A300631 Rectifier Module converts 480V, 60Hz AC power to DC power at a voltage of approximately 650V. The output of the rectifier module is smoothed by six A300636 parallel-connected capacitors. Line reactor, A300637, reduces the harmonic load on the 480V supply. The A300631 rectifier module consists of a half-controlled SCR / Diode bridge for the purpose of limiting the charging current drawn by the bus capacitors during power up
  • The A300633, A300634 and A300635 Chopper Modules are power converters designed to operate over a DC bus voltage range of 500V to 800V. They are used as components of a power conversion system consisting of several modules sharing a common DC bus filter capacitor