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23 August 2010

Buckeye Bullet 2.5 sets New World Record

Update - 24 Aug 2010:

The record from yesterday is rebroken! Just completed 2 runs with an average of 307.66 MPH in the mile! top recorded speed: 320 MPH

Bonneville Salt Flats - 23 Aug 2010
11 months after setting a new FIA world record for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (303 mph), the Buckeye Bullet team has once again set a FIA World Land Speed Record!
At 3pm MDT Roger Schroer of TRC, Inc., set a new record on the Bonneville Salt Flats for battery powered electric vehicles at 292 mph.
The record was set over a 60-minute period and consists of the average of two runs over a timed mile in the middle of a 12-mile course.

The team will attempt to better this record over the next 24 hours

Check out the BB2.5 blog at The OSU BB for updates.

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